Moving Images Make A Lasting Professional Impression

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Business Cards, Lenticular Technology

Images that have lenticular printing technology possess more impact than static images that are printed with regular printing technologies. This is because it is visually moving  and still images will just diminish as time goes by.

You can be very creative with a  flip effect as your company’s message jumps out, and immediately captures people’s attention. You can also utilize 3D and Zoom effects. You can retain customer attainment for a much longer time. Lenticular products have more durability and people collect them as memorabilia.

Here is what Corporate Lenticulars of America can do for your dynamic business card image:

  • Capture your customer’s attention at the point of purchase.
  • Highlight new features your product/ service has to offer.
  • Demonstrate your product in action with compelling animation effects.
  • Build your brand and increase your sales using the attention-grabbing impact of lenticular products.
  • Be different and stand out from the crowd with a dynamic presence.

Our multi-sensory imaging  technology can be employed in a number of media: direct mail pieces, point of sale products, posters, packaging, large format Out of Home Media, stamps, retail products such as cards, magnets, puzzles, cups….the list is endless!

Our pledge: To be the producer of the highest quality Flip, 3-D, and Animated Lenticular Products!
Contact: Corporate Lenticulars of America


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