Lithographic 3-D » Lenticular Postcards » Animated Ad Specialties

Corporate Lenticulars of America produces lenticular images of any size and quantity. We use the highest quality lens materials and the latest technology available on the market today.

We offer fast and inexpensive turnaround time on all products and prototypes … such as key chains, mouse pads, phone cards, business cards, postcards, reflective and backlit displays, and most ad specialty items. Our pledge: To be the producer of the highest quality Flip, 3-D, and Animated Lenticular Products!

Why Lenticulars?
We see printing as more than just ink on paper … and believe that we are at the threshold of multi-sensory imaging. These are the images that stimulate the mind beyond the eye. They perform in extraordinary ways to change the very nature of how we see and do things. Research has shown that when one views a three dimensional image, the mind stores the advertising information in long term memory, thus your ability to recall an advertisement or brand name is enhanced. With multi-imaging, the consumer stays and looks at the image for a longer period of time. This creates greater information retention.


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